Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dec 8th update & ABC's of riding in the cold

Just some things I'm sure Y'all'd like to know...

We will have a toasty place to congregate on Vine and Taft near the finish line where hot food and drinks ( yes, cold drinks too ) will be waiting.
The Brave New Wheel Support Van will also carry supplies to assist those having a hard time staying warm ( clothes, hot drinks, etc.)
Please "double check your equipment twice" for a solid set up. We will do the group roll out to the start line shortly after registration closes @ 9:45 and promptly get the racing on around 10:15 or so.
This year's posters and T-shirts are darn sweet, make sure to bring some cash should you feel you can't live without either... Tees are $17 and posters $10 get both for a mere $25


-Don't wear cotton, use wool instead, Poly or other synthetic fabrics.
-Dress in layers you can "adjust"
-If you don't have a trusty, solid set up. Bring extras!
-Replace the inner soles or "footbeds" in your shoes for thinner ones to make room for thicker or double socks.
-bring plastic bags! these can save your toes or fingers. Bread bags are perfect.
-Bring some "warm packets" for your feet or hands, you find these at outdoor stores, hunting stores and wally world.
-Windbreaker may be a must; either a vest or basic rain jacket with vents.
-wear good insulated gloves, avoid the famous and cheap grocery store "thinsulate" quasi-mittens, also wear thinner "liner" gloves inside if possible should you need to fix a flat or something so your hands won't be completely exposed. Stuff your main gloves in your chest or crotch don't toss 'em on the ground !
-A half full fanny pack is a great way to carry extra layers while also having some room to stuff clothes you may take off. It's not as likely to get your back wet since it sits lower and covers less of it; most are small enough  to wear under your jacket to keep contents warm.
-Use insulated water bottles to keep your water from freezing, cover it with an old wool sock or make a neoprene bootie ( most thrift stores have tons of old mousepads ) an upside down coozie with the sock over it works pretty good.
-Avoid overdressing at the start, better to be a bit chilly than to work up a sweat and get wet / miserable.
 use the group ride as a test of your set up then adjust as needed right before the race starts.

Now, this may sound extreme given the forecast so far... not that cold and this ain't no remote expedition into the unknown; still, anything can happen. This is advice in case the conditions turn severe. There are no trees or structures for much of the course: nothing to block the wind and we'll go through no towns. Come prepared.


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