Saturday, May 24, 2008

O x S x O '06

The second year was fun, we had a fierce battle between Nico "Suave" of XXX racing fame from Chicago and local Andy Stockman with Nico taking first on the final sprint for Fixed Gear category.

Todd Chance took first on Single speed category.

Afterwards we got together for a beer @ the ROAD 34 bar and Nico, who happened to be just
passing thru, picked up his prizes, finish his pitcher and hit the road...

What a way to conquer a town.

All proceeds from registration and T-shirts went to the Riversong Waldorf school of Fort Collins.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

O x S x O '05

In 'o5 local Dan Porter won in the fixed gear category; i don't remember much else except his legs
spinning like a dog-chase in a cartoon.

It was quite impressive considering the fact that he was the only one running 26'' wheels V.S. everyone else with 700's and 27'' s .

We ended at Lee Martinez where a BoB trailer arrived with a cooler full of beer.

What a gorgeous day. bike geeks chatting tech, people made new friends, i made enough money for my trip and
"hey, so next year again ? " someone asked, and the first one-gear-only race in the Fort was borned...

Friday, May 16, 2008

About the Art

Every year, lots of folks ask me who made the posters and T-shirts; Jason Cope @ Start the Press has designed and printed all posters and T-s since the second year.

The link to his print shop is here

By the Way, every year there are only 20 or so custom posters made, none for sale, however,there are 3 ways to get one:

A) win the race

B) score one from the Bike shops and coffee shops
(if they let you have it that is) but please wait until the day of the race to take it down.

C) Sponsor the race

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A call for input

Starting this blog when the race is already in it's 4th year ,makes it a little difficult to remember all the details from every year, so it will be under construction for a while as i gather more info / pics to post.

Any of you who've participated in any year of the O.S.O and have any valuable info to share,please
leave a comment or contact me; and if you read something here that is not quite how things happened that year, don't hesitate and call me out on it, i have a terrible memory; i can't recall much more besides the main winners...

For now i'm just relying on my chats with those who helped with the organization and the racers that i still run into in the street to get the story straight.

Any help with this fact-arranging task will be very appreciated.


P. S. If you happen to have a Poster from the FIRST year or maps from the first or second year,
please get in touch so i can make copies to post here.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Back in '05 i was plain broke and unemployed and trying to figure out a way to go back home to Mexico City to see my dad who at the time was 79 and not doing very well ...

My friend Todd Simmons founder of Wolverine Farm Publishing
suggested: "why don't you organize a bike race ? a fixed gear race... " and since there were no fixed gear or single-speed only races in town and i knew quite a bunch of Onegearheads it seemed like my best option at trying to raise funds for my trip.

I then went to another friend, Jason Shelman local single-speed/fixed guru whose knowledge of the roads in the area i needed to come up with a good course and map; he agreed to help out.

A third friend, Adam Gerry, designed the poster. He also got some T-shirts made so i could sell them "for your ticket to get back" he said.

The race was on.

I had no idea what to expect, but things turned out just fine and i hopped on a south bound bus.

I will forever be grateful to the 20 or so riders that showed up that morning and actually paid way more than the registration fee to get me on my way...

That trip to where i grew up was the last time i saw, talked to, listen to and touched my father.

A year later,right around the time of the second race in May '06 he became one with the earth.

The One Speed Open will always remain a benefit race, a fundraiser for good causes to celebrate the power of bicycles and good people.

Thank you.