Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 OxSxOx Results

Total Registered Riders: 54
Fixed-gear Riders: 17
"Un-fixed" Singlespeed Riders: 37
Ladies: 9
Did Not Finish: 9
Casualties: 0!
Youngest Rider: 14*
Oldest Rider: 63

*As the youngest rider to ever finish this race in all 8 years, Aaron Potts deserves some serious kudos. And some prizes too! Get in touch. I wish that when I was your age, I was into things like grassroots endurance racing instead of endurance loitering. Keep raging life.

     OSO Classic                                        OSO Lite
1Zack Allison1Rod Cerkoney*
2Chris Johnson2Bryce Johnson
3Dan Miller-Lionberg*3Izzy Krompegel
4Rafael Cletero*4Paul Byars
5Dan Porter*5Nicole Swan
6Jeffrey Down6John Taggart
7Mikheil Moucharrafie*7Curtis Heideman
8John Norman8Aaron Potts
9Bryan Kramer9Reanna Moore
10Marc Pfister*10Kelly Kruyshoop*
11Dylan Dearboron11Jessie Rehms
12Zness da Pness*12Amy Swan
13Paul Eaton13Gail Hogeland*
14Asher Attick*14Frank Heine
15Garrison Schulte15Frank Cade
16Jon Keyzer*16Paul Knowles
17Sean Harmer*17Ted Schneider
18Jon Brueck18Bin Lu*
19Schuyler Gantert19Wade Kinsey
20Claire Mechtly

21Colin Pinney

22Bryan Simpson

23Nate Prewitt

24Andrew Yount

25Andrew Williams*

26Todd Heath

27Will Overbaugh

Jordan Twiggs
Matt Hebard
Wade Kinsey
Lauren Presley
Nicholas Applegate
Dax Massey
Mike Schifferdecker
Randy Leija
Ed Lenzo

Here are just a few photos from after the race, courtesy of Dr. Tim Anderson:

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