Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 OxSxOx Results

Total Registered Riders: 54
Fixed-gear Riders: 17
"Un-fixed" Singlespeed Riders: 37
Ladies: 9
Did Not Finish: 9
Casualties: 0!
Youngest Rider: 14*
Oldest Rider: 63

*As the youngest rider to ever finish this race in all 8 years, Aaron Potts deserves some serious kudos. And some prizes too! Get in touch. I wish that when I was your age, I was into things like grassroots endurance racing instead of endurance loitering. Keep raging life.

     OSO Classic                                        OSO Lite
1Zack Allison1Rod Cerkoney*
2Chris Johnson2Bryce Johnson
3Dan Miller-Lionberg*3Izzy Krompegel
4Rafael Cletero*4Paul Byars
5Dan Porter*5Nicole Swan
6Jeffrey Down6John Taggart
7Mikheil Moucharrafie*7Curtis Heideman
8John Norman8Aaron Potts
9Bryan Kramer9Reanna Moore
10Marc Pfister*10Kelly Kruyshoop*
11Dylan Dearboron11Jessie Rehms
12Zness da Pness*12Amy Swan
13Paul Eaton13Gail Hogeland*
14Asher Attick*14Frank Heine
15Garrison Schulte15Frank Cade
16Jon Keyzer*16Paul Knowles
17Sean Harmer*17Ted Schneider
18Jon Brueck18Bin Lu*
19Schuyler Gantert19Wade Kinsey
20Claire Mechtly

21Colin Pinney

22Bryan Simpson

23Nate Prewitt

24Andrew Yount

25Andrew Williams*

26Todd Heath

27Will Overbaugh

Jordan Twiggs
Matt Hebard
Wade Kinsey
Lauren Presley
Nicholas Applegate
Dax Massey
Mike Schifferdecker
Randy Leija
Ed Lenzo

Here are just a few photos from after the race, courtesy of Dr. Tim Anderson:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OxSxOx 2012 report

The "classic" podium boys, L to R: Chris Johnson, Zack Allison, and Dan Miller-Lionberg

Hats off to Zack Allison, the new FoCo GraVelo SS Champ !

We had an impressive turnout and an incredible time racing in 15-20 degree weather.
In all truth, we expected only a small handful of riders but we ended up running out of registration forms!! The amazing 50+ attendance proved that Single Speed Gravel racing is alive and well in the old Fort... Way to throw down, y'all!

An early breakaway of about 12 riders took place but was all broken up within a few miles after leaders rotated a couple times to then have the top 5 leaders put a good gap on the rest of the group. The long course went 1 mile from the town of Nunn east of Fort Collins. Winds around 30mph  persisted throughout the race; lightweight riders like myself fought getting side-pushed in really lose sections, being forced to just hang on and "surf the marbles".
 I'd like to thank the Sun God for shining for us and helping us make it the whole way. Would have been a different story without you... Even though the going was darn frigid, at least it seemed like a nice day.  Still, riders struggled with water bottles, camelback hoses, food and snot all freezing.
The brutal wind brought about some balance by rewarding us with "a pat on the back" the last 7.5 miles pushing us all closer and closer towards that wood stove, hot chili and cold beer.

Special recognition is deserved by Rod Cerkoney and Claire Mechtly:

Rod, our only age 50+ rider of the day, won the 23 mile loop, fixed gear too. So there.
The only other "Master" racer to ever win an OxSxOx was Dr. Tim Anderson, taking 1st place Single Speed back in 2008.

Claire of 400 Smith Racing  was the only lady to take on the "Classic" 45 mi loop with a middle-of-the-pack finish.

Top 3 finishers below. Full results with times tomorrow.

OxSxOx "Classic" 45.1 Mi                                

1st   Zack Allison  of  Mercy Elite cycling team  2:33:05  Single Speed    
2nd  Chris Johnson  of  E2 cycling team             2:37:40  Single Speed        
3rd  Dan Lionberg  of  400 Smith Racing            2:38:35  Fixed Gear

OxSxO "Lite" 23.5 Mi

 1st    Rod Cerkoney     1:33:57  Fixed Gear
 2nd  Bryce Johnson     1:35:05  Single Speed
 3rd   Izzy Krompegel   1:35:08  Single Speed

If you or anyone you know have any photos to share, please send them in! We're short on those.

Single speeders at this 8th edition of the OxSxOx set the precedent for what's believed to have been the first winter race of this type in Fort Collins.

Blown away and Humbled,


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dec 8th update & ABC's of riding in the cold

Just some things I'm sure Y'all'd like to know...

We will have a toasty place to congregate on Vine and Taft near the finish line where hot food and drinks ( yes, cold drinks too ) will be waiting.
The Brave New Wheel Support Van will also carry supplies to assist those having a hard time staying warm ( clothes, hot drinks, etc.)
Please "double check your equipment twice" for a solid set up. We will do the group roll out to the start line shortly after registration closes @ 9:45 and promptly get the racing on around 10:15 or so.
This year's posters and T-shirts are darn sweet, make sure to bring some cash should you feel you can't live without either... Tees are $17 and posters $10 get both for a mere $25


-Don't wear cotton, use wool instead, Poly or other synthetic fabrics.
-Dress in layers you can "adjust"
-If you don't have a trusty, solid set up. Bring extras!
-Replace the inner soles or "footbeds" in your shoes for thinner ones to make room for thicker or double socks.
-bring plastic bags! these can save your toes or fingers. Bread bags are perfect.
-Bring some "warm packets" for your feet or hands, you find these at outdoor stores, hunting stores and wally world.
-Windbreaker may be a must; either a vest or basic rain jacket with vents.
-wear good insulated gloves, avoid the famous and cheap grocery store "thinsulate" quasi-mittens, also wear thinner "liner" gloves inside if possible should you need to fix a flat or something so your hands won't be completely exposed. Stuff your main gloves in your chest or crotch don't toss 'em on the ground !
-A half full fanny pack is a great way to carry extra layers while also having some room to stuff clothes you may take off. It's not as likely to get your back wet since it sits lower and covers less of it; most are small enough  to wear under your jacket to keep contents warm.
-Use insulated water bottles to keep your water from freezing, cover it with an old wool sock or make a neoprene bootie ( most thrift stores have tons of old mousepads ) an upside down coozie with the sock over it works pretty good.
-Avoid overdressing at the start, better to be a bit chilly than to work up a sweat and get wet / miserable.
 use the group ride as a test of your set up then adjust as needed right before the race starts.

Now, this may sound extreme given the forecast so far... not that cold and this ain't no remote expedition into the unknown; still, anything can happen. This is advice in case the conditions turn severe. There are no trees or structures for much of the course: nothing to block the wind and we'll go through no towns. Come prepared.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DEC 5th Update & OxSxOx 101

One Speeders Unite in Gravelage !

Race day is quickly approaching and the weather will cooperate in making it an epic, true "winter classic"... Come prepared by bringing as many warm layers and as much to drink and chew on as you think you'll need to get you through.


Feel free to drop at registration any extra layers you may want at the finish and we'll take them there.

The Brave New Wheel Support van will follow and assist you or your bike should either be rendered
Extra maps will be available for photographers, hecklers, etc.

This year we have Redneck-proof course markers, however, studying the map is highly encouraged... hint: you gotta know where you're going!


Brave New Wheel

Go west! T-shirt Co.

Braaap nutrition

Wolverine Farm Publishing

Road 34 Bike shop and Tavern 

The Bean Cycle 

Your group ride

New Belgium Brewing Co.

Black Sheep Bikes

Lee's Cyclery

Also muchos thanks and props to Curtis Heideman for all the graphics.


ALL PROCEEDS  from entry fees, T-shirt and poster sales will go to our new, local, all women, all inclusive cycling team  Fort Follies!

That's right kids, the good Follies will be running this show, I'm sure one of them is that friend, co-worker, neighbor or partner you are so fond of... and now you have the opportunity to show her your support.

                                               OxNE SxPEED OxPEN  101

The OxSxOx has a different route every year, mostly gravel... as much of it as can be found for a good, fun loop. No one knows this route until maps are distributed during registration.

 For those not familiar with this kinda riding out on County roads:

 You will find not only gravel but also nice hardpacked sections as well as sandy spots and washboards at times.
Hills... it may not look like it when driving a car through but, they're there; not very steep, however,these are sustained, gradual climbs.

Equipment: The ideal tire for this will be one with some bite and volume to it. Cross tires from 32 to 40c are just about ideal depending on your weight and style of riding. I'm sporting Maxxis Razes in 35 and weight 120...for a hint.  NOTE: There's always the chance that we may encounter Puncture Vine aka "goatheads" somewhere along the course. Here's a few ways to fight them bastards:

-Run quality, "shielded" tires. ( Continental's "plus" family, while not a race tire are really tough / effective, for example)
-Run tubeless.
-Run Thorn resistant tubes
-Inject some sealing Goo such as "Stan's" in your tubes.
-Stay away from the edges of the road.
-some combination of the above.

And, good lord, what GEAR ??? you wonder...
Casual and amateur racers typically show up with gears around 40 to 44 /16 or 18
The more experienced riders typically show up with higher  46 to 50/16 or 17.
If you're one of Nature's freaks you may get away with a monster 52/14 ( Freak and all we love you Dads)
I'm more of a "climber" type douche and I'll be running 50/16 if that helps anyone.
In the end only you know if you'd rather mash or spin.

RULES: Ride a single speed bike.

Don't have one? Any disabled, handicapped multi-speed drivetrains welcomed !

Rookies: See below for your average Gravel Grinder Warpony.

Need other /more info than this?  Get in touch: