Wednesday, June 4, 2008

O x S x O '08 Saturday June 14th

Hi there, welcome to the "Bear's" brand spankin' new thingy on the "interwebs" ...

I'm hoping this blog will not only serve to inform those interested in the race but also as a way to connect all folks in the Fort that have a passion for "single gear and fixed speed" warponys.

So please post all and any info and links on all things gearless.

The race is 30 miles long and it goes out East ( usually ) but it changes every year. The route is not released until after you register and get your map, then you have about 20-30 minutes to study it prior to departure.
Nothing gnarly, just dirt roads and a few small hills, registration is at 9:AM @ the Bike Co-op,(222 LaPorte Ave.)
$15 gets you snacks, coffee in the morning, beer afterwards, and the chance to win additional raffle goodies. it used to be $12 but is a fundraiser dammit.

T-shirts are $12 and they're non-sweatshop, or so they say... who knows, really ?
i'm just trying to do the right thing.

ALL proceeds from both, registration and T-shirts goes to the organization benefiting from the race.

Oh yeah, there's single speed and fixed gear categories with expert / begginer subcategories.

This year the money is going to the Great Plains Restoration Council

Let's help protect prairies and bring wild Buffalo back in different areas of Colorado,Texas and South Dakota; also check: ghetto plains man

Every Year, half the riders do the race for the pure sake of racing and others just to ride and support a good cause while having fun.

Goal for this year:

I'm hoping we'll raise enough money to adopt 2 0r 3 acres of land that will belong to all of the participants !

They have many different programs going on (some of these are Youth oriented ) so the final fate of the $ is still to be confirmed since i'd like to put it where they need it the most.

BBQ @ the finish line; TBA

Check back soon as i will be updating very often between now and then and uploading some of the old art.
Feedback and questions welcome.

Thanks to our sponsors who make it possible for people to take home more than just the glory of being some of the fastest people on one-speed bikes here in the Fort; hugs and kisses go out to our friends @:

VeloX Cycles

Brave New Wheel

Road 34

The Cycologist

Surfside 7

The Bean Cycle

- Thank you -

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maibingjie said...

Hey... I'm from the fort but haven't been in town for years. Which bike shop should I hit while in town?