Sunday, June 1, 2008

O x S x O '07

Last year, it was really fun as it was crazy; we had great weather, better organization, more prizes and a good turn out but everybody got punished by one guy nobody knew:

Dusty Labarr.

You had to be there to believe it...

- He's one FAST MoFo -

10 or so minutes into the race he was out of sight, the rest of the pack kept battling between themselves in search of second place...

Race is over, the last few riders came in and Dusty is just sitting there all fresh, wearing clean clothes and riding a different bike...

He'd finished so far ahead of everyone else that he had time to go home and come back just as second place and Co. were arriving !! WTF ???

Folks kept asking: " who's that guy ? " ...

I learned later on that he's a Pro mechanic who's wrenched for TREK and LUNA Teams and he's married to no other than local bad-ass/ Pro racer Georgia Gould who kicked total butt in '07 and is heading to the Olympics.

I guess that explains it.

What a fun time; and Dusty got to take home a true "free range" Trophy...

Joe Bagley from New World Sports took 2nd in the Fixed category.

Chad Chriestensen and John Taggart took 1st and 2nd in the "coast" category.

All proceeds went to the Bike Co-op (formerly the Bike Against ! collective )

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