Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A call for input

Starting this blog when the race is already in it's 4th year ,makes it a little difficult to remember all the details from every year, so it will be under construction for a while as i gather more info / pics to post.

Any of you who've participated in any year of the O.S.O and have any valuable info to share,please
leave a comment or contact me; and if you read something here that is not quite how things happened that year, don't hesitate and call me out on it, i have a terrible memory; i can't recall much more besides the main winners...

For now i'm just relying on my chats with those who helped with the organization and the racers that i still run into in the street to get the story straight.

Any help with this fact-arranging task will be very appreciated.


P. S. If you happen to have a Poster from the FIRST year or maps from the first or second year,
please get in touch so i can make copies to post here.

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