Monday, August 30, 2010


What the hell ? for the THIRD year in a row Dan "Dad's " Lionberg of 400 Smith racing took the "gold " in the coasting-free division.

According to witness's accounts Dan dropped the few hanging on to his wheel in the most demoralizing, punishing way: attacking up the steepest hill any OxSxOx course has ever seen, pushing a 52-16 to then disappear shooting down the other side rocking the TT bars through the entire gravel 'n' sand 'n' washboards combo.

I don't know but, next year more of the fast locals that have until now been too busy, intimidated or too cool to race the OxSxOx better come out and give Dan a run for his money !
(namely all those who said: " see you there ! " and slept in hungover, chickened out or just went for some excuservals )

The other top finisher's:

2nd place non-coasting ---------- Steve Burns (400 Smith racing )
1st place coasting ---------------- Logan Garey ( Rio Grande )
2nd place coasting --------------- Adam Wisseman ( Colorado state )
Top gal -------------------------- Claire Mechtly (400 Smith racing )

What a fine day ! no casualties, everyone finished with a smile, had a cold one ( or six ) hung out and moved on to party elsewhere.

Check out the first couple batches o' photos here

and here

Thanks to all participants, sponsors and volunteers, tomorrow, a little over $1000 will be delivered to the Animal house in the name of singlespeeders of the Fort and elsewhere ( Berthoud, Portland,Boulder,etc ) to help them keep unwanted pets alive until they become wanted, by someone.

If you've been looking to adopt a pet Animal House is the place you wanna check out !

This is who did what: ( Thank you dear peeps ! )

400 Smith Racing dawg sportiff David Boerner for coming up with such a baller course !

Curtis Heideman designed the poster, then Go West printed them for free !

Charly Bar and the Bean Cycle for the breakfast

Teresa Garcia for marking the course

Brenna Wozniak for the yummy muffins

Randy Leija for the freakin' awesome OxSxOx salsa

Adam for lending his finish-line-house again

Ian for driving the Brave New Wagon

Leanne C, Nora P and John R for running registration

Mr Rick Price for the Photos

Kevin Buecher for picking up the course markers

Ben Gannon for his overall unconditional badass support.

and finally the Sheriff for going the other way after seeing us roll by Vern's allowing us to have some good clean fun.

If you know of a Local non-profit fighting the good fight ( or one of them ) that could use a little dough, e-mail me suggestions for next year ( as well as questions, comments, critiques, etc) to

Thank you and stay tuned for the David Cross CX series this coming winter, a production of 400 Smith racing.

We'll see you next year over more gravel and uni-gear bikes under the sun.


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Anonymous said...

So brutally fun. Really fun meeting tons of really friendly Colorado folks. I'll try and bring a friend out from Portland next year to share in the suffering. Thanks a ton to all those who put it on.