Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gravel and prairie on a one speed again

The sixth edition of the One Speed Open is ready to kick in full effect this coming August the 28th, a Saturday.

This year to benefit Animal House no-kill shelter.

What's the OxSxOx like ?...

a minimum 30 miles of mostly road-rage-free and road-kill-free county roads, hardpacked and loose dirt, washboardie some years, always plenty of up-down, up-down to keep things interesting. Passing thru old farms, oil fields, ponds and lakes one don't often get to see while doing the dams, rist or carter lake 'n' masonville style riding.

Who races the OxSxOx ?

anyone ! all one-gear-heads come together for this one; from casual or dedicated commuters to former state, national and world champs.

It's as serious as you wanna make it, some peeps come out looking to clean and punish, others just to see how they do against their weekend riding crew.

In any case, the one common goal always present is to show that FoCo cyclists care above and beyond "two abreast" issues only, by giving all of the proceeds to local charities that don't get massive funding.

Helmets are recommended, flip flops are not...

( brain armor is cheaper than health insurance! )

More details soon, Y'alls stay tuned.

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